Fire Extinguishers

Fire Prevention

Lieutenant Tim Coss

The goal of the Fire Prevention Division is to help prevent the occurrence of fire, protect lives and to preserve property through public education and code enforcement.

The fire prevention division ensures the compliance of the Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 148 as well as the 527 CMR 1.00 (the Massachusetts Comprehensive Fire Safety Code) . This includes performing routine inspections of new and existing buildings and plan review of new buildings to ensure satisfactory fire protection systems. The fire prevention divisions also investigates routine complaints of fire/life safety hazards.

The fire prevention division also engages in public safety awareness education to prevent the occurrence of the most common causes of fire and other frequent hazards.



Day Care Facility$50.00
Fire Alarm System Installation, 1-2 Dwelling Units$100.00
Fire Alarm System Installation, 3-5 Dwelling Units$150.00
Fire Alarm System Installation, 6-25 Dwelling Units$500.00
Fire Alarm System Installation, 26 or More Dwelling Units$500.00 base plus $12 per unit
Fire Alarm System Installation, Commercial Building$100.00
Quarterly Inspection - Hospital$250.00
Quarterly Inspection - Nursing Home$50.00
Master Fire Alarm Box Connection to Building and Monitoring Service$250.00/Annually
Moving Building Through town Requiring Fire Alarm Construction LaborEntire Cost of Labor
Oil Burner Installation or Alteration$50.00


Storage & Tanks

Flammable Liquids, Solids, or Gases Storage$50.00
Flammable Liquid Tank Installation$100.00
Gun Powder and Small Arms Ammunition Storage$50.00
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Tanks Installation$50.00
Underground Storage Tank Removal or Relocation$200.00
Tank Truck Approval Permit$50.00
Tank Truck Exemption Certificated$35.00


Plan Review

Amended Site Plan Review$25.00
Building Plan Review, Less than 10 Pages$50.00
Building Plan Review, 10 Pages or More$75.00
Fire Sprinkler System$50.00
Site Plan Review$200.00


Licenses & Permits

Ambulance Incident Report, Copy$10.00
Fire Alarm System Installation, 1-2 Dwelling Units$100.00
Blasting of Rock$150.00
False Alarm Response Due to Faulty Alarm System (After 3rd occurrence in calendar year)$100.00
Fire Incident Report, Copy$500.00
Fireworks Event Permit$50.00